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Have you just bought yourself your first home?  Maybe you found the fixer-upper of your dreams and want to spruce it up a bit?  Home buyers in Southeast Michigan can find great homes that just need a little bit of love to truly make it their own.  Many times, older homes will need new windows, roofing replacement or home insulation as part of that overhaul.  If you are in need of a roof replacement, you can trust Premier Builder, Inc. to get the job done right!

Here are some of the benefits of replacing a roof when you are buying or selling your home:

Limited Inspection Issues

With your current roof and its aging infrastructure, it will only be a matter of time before it becomes a hazard for living and working situations – whether it be your home or business.  One of the first things that home inspectors search for in a property are discrepancies in infrastructure, especially in the roof.  In many cases, selling a house can be quite tedious if these very essential components of your home are not taken care of first.  In order to attract more buyers to your house, it’s important to put your money where it counts the most: roofing, windows and home insulation.  With these projects in tow, the value of your house will go up!

Better, Longer-Lasting Materials

Maintenance of your existing roof might buy you some time; but eventually, your roof will reach a breaking point sooner than you think.  Today, materials are so much more durable and reliable.  Materials like plastic polymer and rubber will outlast a lot of the traditional materials like metal or wood, in comparison.  Each year, product testing gets stronger and reliability of a good product becomes stronger simultaneously.  By replacing your roof today, you will reap the benefits of using the latest and most reliable materials.  In turn, these materials will give your new roof a longer lifespan than your current one.

You Have Options!

You trust us that we’re not going to sell you into something that you outright don’t need.  Take it upon yourself to drive around your area, take a look at our client gallery, and familiarize yourself with the kind of work that you would like to be done.  We want to make sure that you are satisfied with the amount of work that needs to be done and how the end result will look, especially if this is your home or business.  Should we inspect and find a dire need for a new roof, rest assured we will offer you the best quality roofing options at an affordable price!

Premier Builder, Inc.: The Best Roofing Contractors in Southeast Michigan

Here at Premier, we are the preferred roofing contractor providing quality service to residents of Macomb, Oakland, St. Clair and Wayne County areas.  Our work includes commercial and residential roofing, windows and window replacement, gutter installation and gutter repair, vinyl siding installation and home insulation.  So, call us today at (586) 460-4186 to get a free estimate, or reach out to us on our contact form to speak with one of our dedicated representatives.